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Flight Connections 05-13-11


HC Rex Ryan spoke to Wall Street investors.

TE Coach Mike Devlin is active in the community.

QB Mark Sanchez had more media attention than Eli's camp.  Personally, I think these comparisons are really silly.  Mark hosted Jets West last year and obviously they thought of ways to make it better.  One of those ideas was to get sponsors for food and prizes.  How do you thank them?  Help their brand get exposure.

RB LaDainian Tomlinson is hosting football camps.

CB Kyle Wilson likes working out with CB Darrelle Revis.

CB Antonio Cromartie likes working out with his trainer.

DB Emanuel Cook has been active on the social networks.

Adam Caplan finds that Gang Green needs some depth.

Jets great QB Joe Namath talks about the draft and the guys in the trenches.

Former Jets & Virginia HC Al Groh expects good things from Patriots pick CB Ras-I Dowling.  (Wasn't he the bad guy in "Batman Begins"?)

Infinite Jets presents the Booth Lusteg Awards.

Somehow, Hayden Panty-Tear's lovelife is Jets news.

JetsTwit's report on childhood memories includes a tweet from me.  Hurray!

JetNationBeer horror stories.

SB Nation: Why college fans should fear the NFL lockout.

Deadspin: The bizarre cult of pro-owner fanboys.

Devlin talks about his players after the jump.