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Why Don't The New York Jets Take Pass Rushers in the NFL Draft?

I was reading a post on The Jets Blog last night that got me thinking. As always, Brian Bassett provides excellent analysis on the reasons the Jets focused on big defensive linemen over pass rushers in the Draft. Many GGN'ers have noted that the team has yet to take a single pass rushing prospect in the Rex Ryan Era.

Some have speculated Rex Ryan does not put a premium on taking pass rushers early. I am not sure this explanation is on the firm ground some see, though. Rex saw the kind of impact drafting a pass rusher can have in Baltimore with first round pick Terrell Suggs.

Another explanation might be that Mike Tannenbaum is a bit gunshy. The last pass rushing prospect he took was Vernon Gholston, perhaps the biggest bust in franchise history. Maybe he does not want to miss.

My theory, though, is simpler. Value has never met need in the Draft. Look at this year. On pure ability alone, Kenrick Ellis would be a first rounder. He fell mainly because of character concerns. First round talent at the end of the third round trumped a slightly bigger need.

What do you think?