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Darrelle Revis and Kyle Wilson Training Together

Erik Manassy's Jets Twit notes that cornerbacks Darrelle Revis and Kyle Wilson are working together in Arizona.

Jets West Camp is in the books but there is another mini-mini-2man Camp going on in Scotssdale Arizona.  Darrelle Revis, like last year, goes there to train and along with bringing his manager John Geiger, Kyle Wilson has joined the all-pro.

Click the link to check out Jets Twit. It's a great site.

This sounds good on a number of levels. There is the obvious practical level. Revis can teach Wilson some of the finer points of the cornerback position. Even bigger, though, might be what it displays about Wilson's work ethic. He is using his free time to get himself into the best shape possible working with the best. He wants to learn from Revis. He might not have had the chance last year with all of the Revis contract drama.

This is a very important year in K-Dub's development. It is encouraging to see he is doing everything he can to come into 2011 as prepared as possible.