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Schotty on Jeremy Kerley

Eric Allen on the official team site has an article with Brian Schottenheimer describing what he liked about fifth round pick Jeremy Kerley.

"But a lot of guys get labeled as a slot receiver and it’s unfair, so you go in and work them out and try to make them run the outside route tree and do things like that," added the Jets’ offensive playcaller. "He’s a guy who caught the ball extremely well during the workout. He’s a great kid, he has great feet in and out of breaks. … He’s a competitive guy who went through all the drills full-speed and made great catch after great catch. We knew he played like a Jet and that was good to see."

I predict we will all end up screaming this year for all of the gadegty uses Brian will come up with for Kerley on offense. Allen's article has an interesting perspective, though, so I encourage you to check it out.