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Rex Talks About Bringing in Outside Eyes

A NY Post article discusses the Jets bringing in outside coaches to observe.

Ryan said the team brought in former Colts offensive coordinator Tom Moore to work with the coaching staff, and plans to see former coaches for tutorials.

"We’re going to bring in guys, even position coach guys that might be out there," Ryan said. "If we can get an idea or two ideas from somebody then it’s worth it. We’re about improving as coaches and collectively and all that kind of stuff. We’re excited about that. It’s going to give us a chance to get better."

This is a fairly common practice and with good reason. Sometimes when you are close to something day to day, your eyes can glaze over something obvious. A pair of new eyes might pick up something subtle. The best example I can think of is Joe Namath helping out Mark Sanchez's technique securing the snap. Sanchez gave Joe credit for not losing the ball during that rainy Monday Night game against the Vikings.