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Rich Cimini Called Kenrick Ellis a "Druggie"

I just found a tweet from Rich Cimini Friday night right after the Jets selected Kenrick Ellis.

With the 94th pick in the draft, the select druggie Kenrick Ellis, a NT from Hampton.

This seems really mean and unprofessional to me. I don't want to get up on a soap box because I'm sure you can look through the archives and find me calling somebody a name or something at some point. Even so, I feel like a professional beat writer ought to use a better discretion. I am guessing he was trying to be funny and there was no malice.

At any rate, stuff like this is why people tend to have a problem with Cimini. Kenrick Ellis has demons. I have a post written that will go up tomorrow morning about it. I would just hope Cimini would maybe apologize, take down the tweet, and maybe give Ellis a mea culpa.

I think most would feel this was in poor taste.