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Who Might Be Packing Their Bags After the 2011 NFL Draft?

Adding new players means that somebody else has to go. Here is a look at which guys might be headed out of Florham Park as a result of the guys picked over the past three days.

Muhammad Wilkerson-Shaun Ellis

Wilkerson was taken to start at a 3-4 defensive end, which is the free agent, Ellis' spot. Will the Jets be willing to pay the 33 year old much of anything with all of the free agents and young blood to take his spot? It might be unlikely.

Kenrick Ellis-Kris Jenkins

Jenkins is already gone, but taking a young, athletic nose tackle probably greatly reduces the chances of the Jets bringing back Kris. The Jets got younger on the defensive line. A four man rotation of Sione Pouha, Mike Devito, Wilkerson, and (Kenrick) Ellis over the three spots sounds pretty good.

Bilal Powell-LaDainian Tomlinson (?)

The Jets carried five running backs last year so it is possible nobody will go. The other backs are younger guys the team has recently invested a pick in, though. Tomlinson is near the end of the line and is in decline. If anybody goes, it will probably be him. I kind of hope this is not the case, though. I think the Jets would not be smart to get rid of the only back who has experience as a pass blocker. Alternately, this might make the team to look more closely at giving Joe McKnight some time on the defensive side of the ball, where injuries forced him to practice and Rex Ryan gave him rave reviews last year.

Jeremy Kerley-Brad Smith (Braylon Edwards or Santonio Holmes also?)

As a return man, Kerley would be an obvious replacement for Brad Smith. Projected as a slot receiver, it could also be an indication the team is preparing for life without Edwards or Holmes, moving Jerricho Cotchery back to a starting role and Kerley to the slot.

Greg McElroy-Kellen Clemens, Kevin O'Connell, and Erik Ainge

The selection of McElroy probably means the end for the trio of young quarterbacks who were vying to be Mark Sanchez's long term backup. None of them have shown much of anything. Clemens got 9 starts and did not play well. O'Connell played poorly in preseason. Ainge had decent numbers in 2009 preseason, but that was in part due to luck. He threw a lot of balls off target and into traffic then that guys made a play on. The ball does not come out of his hands cleanly. As Clemens and Brett Ratliff showed, dominating fourth stringers in preseason does not guarantee success in real games anyway.

Scotty McKnight-Patrick Turner

The Jets might only have room for one developmental receiver.