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Tackle Gabe Carimi To Visit With Jets Next Week

The NFL may be experiencing a lockout, but the Jets are still hard at work preparing for next season.

This week, they will work out Wisconsin All-American OT Gabe Carimi, according to National Football Post. Carimi is coming off a strong season in which he was voted Big Ten Offensive Lineman Of The Year and will work out with both the Jets and Falcons this week.

The most important thing Carimi says he brings to the table -- is versatility. At the scouting combine he explained what he meant by this.

"Obviously, I think I can play left tackle," he said. "It's up to the organization what their needs and wants are. I can play right tackle. If they have a left tackle locked down, I'll be a backup at left tackle and they can put another guy at right tackle."

The Jets have a pretty strong offensive line as it is right now, but they do have a couple of veterans and looking at a young player of this caliber surely isn't a bad move for the future.

Sometime next week, Carimi will visit Florham Park. Will the Jets find what they're looking for?