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Rex Refuses to Throw Vernon Gholston Under the Bus

Rex Ryan's players are very loyal to him. When reading his comments about Vernon Gholston, it is easy to see why.

"I think Vernon improved," Ryan said. "Last year, I thought he gained strides. Unfortunately, I never knew this when we picked up Trevor and he played well for us, but that took a little away from Vernon. We had Shaun Ellis, so it was kind of hard to get [Gholston] more reps.

"But the guy is an excellent teammate. He did what was asked and he got better."


"Well, then I failed as far as the numbers go," Ryan said. "But I thought he got better, though. We'll see what happens to him. He's not done playing.

I do not think a coach would ever be terribly critical of a failed project in public, but we don't even get a, "Things didn't work out here." Rex compliments Gholston.

We all know the pick was a complete failure, but it is nice to see the coach take the high road.