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What Are the Chances of Trading Down?

Eric Allen suggests the Jets might be wise to trade down from 30 to gain some extra picks at this month's NFL Draft.

Would they consider a move down? I know "Trader" Mike Tannenbaum has scored so many times moving up in the draft, but he might want to get a team’s early second-rounder and pick up an additional selection to get out of the first round. That wouldn’t shock me in the least bit, but we’ll have to wait to see how the board falls.

It makes sense. The problem is it also makes sense for almost every other team. Everybody would love to trade down to get extra picks. Somebody has to be willing to trade up, though. That means some team has to be in love with a player on the board who will not be around the next time that team picks. Events will control the Jets more than the Jets control events in this regard.

I think this has to do with the reason Mike Tannenbaum does not sit on his hands. He knows the odds of some team wanting to trade up are not great for any given pick so he will not wait around. If he identifies a player he feels can be a difference maker, he will use his picks to trade and get that guy.