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Kicker Prospects: Alex Henery, Nebraska

While the idea does not appeal to many, the Jets could use a good kicker. It is difficult to find contributors late in the Draft so using a pick on a position that decides games might not be the worst idea in the world. Nebraska's Alex Henery is one of the top kicking prospects this year.

Henery is one of the most accurate kickers in NCAA history. He made 89.5% of his kicks during his four year career as the placekicker in Lincoln. He only missed 2 kicks from inside 50 yards and 1 from inside 40 as a Cornhusker. He capped his senior year hitting 18 of 19 field goal tries.

Interestingly, he was not Nebraska's primary kickoff man. The Huskers used a specialist. Kickoff ability will be less important than it used to be since kicks will be on the 35 yard line now. It is worth noting, though, that Henery has a big leg. He hit 7 field goals of over 50 yards.

Henery is also clutch. In the pressure packed Big XII Championship Games of the past two seasons, Henery hit 6 of 6 field goal tries. 5 of these 6 were from over 40 yards. 2 were from over 50, including a 52 yarder that gave the Cornhuskers a late lead in the 2009 title game against Texas with under 2:00 to go. A kicker battle tested like this is a good thing.

Interestingly, some teams also might look at Henery as a punter. He handled those duties for Nebraska the past two years and averaged 43.2 yards as a senior.

I am not sure how early I would take him, but Henery merits some late round consideration depending on how long he lasts. So many games come down to the kicker. Finding a guy who can do the job for the next decade would be an advantage.