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Would You Object to a First Round Offensive Lineman?

Let me throw a hypothetical question at you. Imagine the bottom falls out of offensive tackle stock in the first round. Imagine Anthony Castonzo or Derek Sherrod falls to 30. Should the Jets pull the trigger?

It ultimately comes down to the question of which other players are available. If a guy of similar value is available at a position of need, the Jets should pass on the tackle. Otherwise, I think they should consider it. This situation actually played out in the SB Nation Writers Mock Draft. Derek Sherrod was available at 30. Akeem Ayers was there so I picked Ayers. Had he not been, there would have been a good chance of me taking Sherrod.

I do not think this would necessarily be giving up on Vladimir Ducasse. It would be taking an unexpected event to put the line on firmer footing in the future. A tackle could battle Ducasse for Damien Woody's vacated right tackle job. The loser could be the first sub off the bench and groomed as the successor for soon to be 31 year old Brandon Moore or even push Matt Slauson at left guard. The same concept applies to Florida guard prospect Mike Pouncey.

I know some skeptics will question whether this could happen. Weird things always happen at the NFL Draft. This mock I was in displays one such scenario. The Jets never thought Kyle Wilson would fall as far as he did last year. They snatched him up, though, despite having Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie.

The Draft is more than anything about building a firm foundation for a team's future. If picks fill immediate needs, it is even better, but I think the team and its fans should be open to the idea of investing in the future of the line.