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Lawsuit Involving Dustin Keller Gets Settled

A lawsuit involving tight end Dustin Keller for alleged actions that took place while he was in college was settled according to PFT.

The incident took place at a bar near the campus of Purdue, where Keller and Keglar were both football players. The plaintiffs, Dehavilland Simpson and her husband Lawrence Simpson, reached some type of settlement with Keller and Keglar, the Lafayette Journal & Courier reports.

It is nice to see the team will not have to be embarrassed with this stuff being pulled through the news. There is nothing to suggest Keller did anything wrong, but it is often prudent to make this go away, particularly for a guy with Dustin's means. The last thing anybody needs to see is something really drawn out like the New York Knicks had a while back out of stubbornness. It is impossible to say what could happen when a case goes to trial.