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Mark Sanchez Speaks to USC Football Team

Mark Sanchez got a chance to visit with players at his college, including some former teammates.

The Jets' quarterback arrived at 5:45 a.m. (yes, really), attended meetings, spoke to the team and observed practice, offering tips to Trojans QB Matt Barkley.

Afterward, Sanchez joked that some of the players probably fell asleep during his speech.

"One of the most important things was the school side: just get to class, that’s half the battle," Sanchez said, as per ESPN Los "Just get there and be attentive while you’re here, don’t have to come back. We all want to play in the NFL. Everyone does that sits in that auditorium – everyone.

It is good to see Mark go back to his roots and spend some time talking up younger guys. That program ravaged by scandal in particular can use all of the encouragement it can use. The way he gives back is a great example of why he is a real leader.