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Earn a Chance to Announce Fourth Round Draft Pick

The Jets are holding a contest for one lucky fan to announce the team's fourth round Draft pick at this month's NFL Draft.

The New York Jets announced today that one fan will have the opportunity to announce the team’s fourth-round selection at the 2011 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall. The winner will announce the Jets draft pick (No. 126 overall) on Saturday, April 30. The sweepstakes will begin Thursday, April 7 on

This ties Mike Tannenbaum's hands a bit. Doesn't it? Can Tannenbaum trade the team's fourth round pick now?

Of course he can. I am sure the team will find some consolation prize like announcing a different pick or giving some other prize in case the opportunity to improve the team dictates trading the pick away.

Check out the official team site for further details on this unique chance to be part of the 2011 New York Jets Draft.