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Report: Chances of Landing Nnamdi Asomugha Not Good

ESPN blogger Tim Graham says Jets fans should not hold their breath about the team landing pending free agent Nnamdi Asomugha.

The chances of Asomugha joining the Jets are "remote," an NFL source close to the situation informs me.

The Jets are more concerned with re-signing their free agents. That would include cornerback Antonio Cromartie. And even if they're unable to bring Cromartie back, there's still the matter of the colossal contract Asomugha will demand. Asomugha's cost likely will be prohibitive.

The cost is a bigger obstacle than Cromartie. I tend to doubt the Jets would hesitate to let Cro walk if they could land Nnamdi at the same price.

The Jets already have a corner locked into a monster deal. Unless Darrelle Revis and Asomugha really want to play with each other and are willing to both take pay cuts, it probably cannot happen. Why would they do that, though? Revis has his big deal. Asomugha does not need to choose between winning and getting paid. He can find some good team that is willing to take him on a big contract.r