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GGN Mock Draft, Pick 32, Green Bay Packers: Mark Ingram, RB, Alabama

The Packers missed their pick in our mock so I am making it for them. Considering the fact they won the Super Bowl and are getting an incredible amount of talent off injured reserve, it is difficult to fathom the Packers getting more talent.

The best team in football will add the best back in the Draft. With Ryan Grant coming off a serious injury, Brandon Jackson coming off an uneven season, and James Starks not clearly the answer, upgrading the running back depth will make Aaron Rodgers' life easier and Green Bay's offense better, which is a scary thought.

Ingram does not do anything spectacularly. The only really elite part of his game is his vision. He does everything pretty well, though, and is a refined player for his position. The defending champs benefit from Miami's shocking first round selection.

Remember, our mock is not done. The second round begins tomorrow.