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Mark Sanchez Out of Madden Cover Contest

In a hardly surprising outcome, Mark Sanchez was handily defeated by Drew Brees in the second round of the Madden Cover Tournament.

After beating Dolphins LT Jake Long in a closer-than-expected battle in the opening round, the Jets' quarterback was bounced out of the "tournament" Monday by Saints QB Drew Brees in the round of 16. In voting conducted by ESPN's Sports Nation, Brees received 61 percent to Sanchez's 39 percent. Sanchez is a popular player, no doubt, but it's hard to compete against a former Super Bowl MVP.

It is no easy feat to beat a guy as popular as Brees. The superstitious among you will probably celebrate as the Jets will avoid the Madden Curse. It really does not make a huge difference to me, though. If Rex Ryan has taught fans anything, it is that we must stop fearing the ghosts of the past because they do not affect today.