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Late Round Possibility: Matthew O'Donnell, T, Queens University

There are some guys who become Draft prospects based on what they have done on the field. There are others because scouts either can or want to imagine their measurables helping them develop into a dominant force. Matthew O'Donnell from Queens University in Canada falls into the latter category.

Despite playing his college ball in Canada with vastly lower opposition quality than high level American college football, there are not many offensive linemen with a 6'10" 330 pound build. This frame is at least going to get him some consideration as a late round prospect and undrafted free agent.

The problem at this point is the frame is all O'Donnell really has working for him. At the East-West Shrine Game, O'Donnell was one of the worst players on the field against major conference prospects. He was consistently beaten to the edge and showed poor technique.

There are a lot of problems O'Donnell has. The first is the low level of competition he is used to facing. He did not face a high level of competition in Canada. That means he will have to learn how to handle guys much faster. He struggled at the Shrine Game. That All-Star Game did not even have the elite prospects, and the level of competition would be even higher in the NFL. An analogy I would use is playing the Madden video game. Imagine going from the lowest difficulty level to the highest difficulty level. It takes some time to make such a huge adjustment and feel comfortable.

It also might sound contradictory considering the position, but I think he might even be too big to play offensive line effectively in the NFL. His big frame makes it tough for him to get low enough to play with proper leverage. It also takes a big effort to get him to have a quick burst. Short area speed is very important for a tackle. He looked several steps slow in the Shrine Game.

What is the best part of his game? It seems pretty clear. With a frame like his, once he gets locked onto a defender, he gets a great push in the run game.

With Bill Callahan, I feel comfortable with the Jets exploring projects on the offensive line. I am not O'Donnell's biggest fan, though. There are serious questions about his short area speed and ability to get low enough to play. Even if these are fixable, the matter of adjusting to a much higher level of play make him a guy who could contribute years down the road. He is a much less refined version of Vladimir Ducasse from a year ago. It takes more than just a big build to play lineman effectively.

It will be interesting to see what teams give him a look.