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New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles Make Ridiculous Trade

Flying under the radar is a deal the Eagles and Patriots made in the sixth round. Jason Brewer at SB Nation Philadelphia provides the news:

The Patriots swapped their 193rd overall pick for the Eagles 194th overall pick in the sixth round. To make the trade even sillier, they decided to make it during the fifth round, which meant the NFL announced it here at Radio City during said fifth round.

Why would the Pats move down a spot without getting anything in return? It might be because the Jets originally owned pick 194 but traded it to Philly for Jeremy Kerley. Now if the Pats hit it big with the pick, they will probably get some extra satisfaction and be able to rub it in the Jets' faces that their pick created a Patriots star.

Is the theory a bit silly? Yes, but would you put it past Bill Belichick?