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A Touching Story on a Former Jet

Cimini linked to a story on the tragic illness of the son of a former Jet, Paul Frase, which is chronicled in a local New Hampshire newspaper.

Tragically, only 50 percent of children born with MTM live to the age of 2. Fewer still live past their early school years. Joshua defied those odds — although at the time of his birth his muscles were so weak he could only flex his right hand and his lungs could barely draw the air that he needed to breath. His parents were told he might not survive the day. He survived the day, and despite his limitations lived a productive life. He could not crawl, he could not walk, and for most of his life he maneuvered about in a wheelchair.

In the last three or four years of his life, as he weakened, he had to travel in a gurney because he could not sit up in a wheelchair. It did not prevent him from attending school. He was a sophomore at Ponte Vedra (Fla.) High School, near Jacksonville, where he carried a 4.21 GPA during his last year and had been selected for the National Honor Society. He enjoyed biology and math and he loved history. Playing PlayStation was a passion for him, as was watching the History Channel. He had a special interest in World War I and World War II.

A foundation exists in Joshua's name to raise money for research on muscular disorders. To donate, click here.