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Tyson Rauch Sits Down With Emanuel Cook

Getty Images

Jets writer Tyson Rauch scored an interview with Jets safety Emanuel Cook about life on the team and the work stoppage. You can read the entire interview by clicking here.

The following is an excerpt:

TR: New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan is said to be the type of coach that all of the players want to play for. What are your thoughts on Rex?

EC: Rex is a phenomenal coach, motivator and leader. He has a way of bringing the team together and focusing on the goal at hand that I've never seen. He makes his team be like a family. There's so much heart in what we do and that comes from what he instills. Aside from that he's also a tremendous coach in terms of decision making on the field. It's truly an honor to play under him. I know he'll be one of the legends.

Check it out. It is very illuminating.