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Is This the Defensive Version of 2006?

In the 2006 NFL Draft, the Jets dedicated their early picks to solidifying their offensive line. The Jets now are known as a team with an excellent offensive line. It is in no small part to the pair of first round Pro Bowl offensive linemen they took that year, D'Brickshaw Ferguson.

One cannot help but wonder whether this is going to be the same kind of Draft for the defensive line. The Jets have added a pair of highly regarded defensive linemen. Their 3-4 front could quite possibly be populated with Muhammad Wilkerson and Kenrick Ellis for years to come. This kind of investment could pay dividends for quite a while.

Wilkerson and Ellis would be difficult to block enough on their own. Now offensive lines will have to figure out how to block both of them along with another lineman and rushing linebackers at the same time. 2011 might be the new 2006.