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2011 NFL Draft: New York Jets Select Kenrick Ellis at 94

The Jets have addressed their defensive line for the second time in their first two picks. At the end of the third round, they added defensive tackle, Kenrick Ellis, a nose tackle from Hampton. The 6'5" 346 pounder has become something of a GGN folk hero. Now he will wear green and white.

Ellis is a fantastic talent who fell this far in part because of character concerns. He had an ungodly for a tackle 94 tackles at Hampton this year. If a guy is at a small school, I am skeptical of guys unless they dominate their competition. The smaller the school, the more they better have dominated. 94 tackles is demolition.

He was kicked off South Carolina's team for repeated violations in 2008. However, the Jets have displayed great diligence when taking chances on guys. They have undoubtedly undergone a thorough process and deemed that Ellis has put his past behind him. He is a first round talent. He has fantastic athleticism and strength. Once he gets into an NFL training program and learns technique from Rex Ryan, he could be another Kris Jenkins. You just usually do not find guys this talented at the end of the third round.

The Jets have gone a long way to setting their defensive line for a long time in this Draft. I am very happy with the pick. I think most of you are also, judging from the many members who pleaded for hours in our Draft threads hoping Ellis would be there at 94.

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