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Reflections on Division Rivals' First Rounds

I am not a big fan of immediate Draft punditry because we really do not know how any of these guys will really turn out. We do not know how they will be affected by big money, a new city, scheme, teammates, and coaching. We do not know how they will work to improve. I do have some thoughts on the job the AFC East rivals did last night, though. I will leave it to Matt Millen to effusively praise the Falcons.

Buffalo Bills: It was going to be tough for them to go wrong with the third pick. They did not. Unlike last year, where they made a luxury pick in the first round, Marcell Dareus makes a ton of sense. He can play end in their 3-4 looks. He has experience at that spot, which is rare. I think they might want to incorporate a lot of 4-3 fronts using Dareus and Kyle Williams inside. People were talking about how great Nick Fairley and Ndamukong Suh will be inside for the Lions. Dareus and the vastly underrated Williams could wreak similar havoc for the Bills.

Miami Dolphins: A lot of people seemed to hate the Mike Pouncey pick. I had no problem with it. Part of the reason is that I really do not like this year's quarterback crop. Heck, I was rooting for them to take a quarterback. I do not, however, think you can go wrong building your offensive line. The interior of the Dolphins line was bad last year. Pouncey is a safe pick. With first round money, the safe way is frequently the best way to go. Here is the other thing. If they really liked one of the quarterbacks who were there, they all are still available. The Dolphins can trade up and pay the same quarterback a lot less money, which will make it less risky.

New England Patriots: A lot of people were questioning them taking Nate Solder over Anthony Castonzo and Gabe Carimi. It did not make much sense to me, but I think I get it now. Solder is not the most ready to start from day one, but he might have the most upside. He is very athletic, and once he hits the weight room and adds some meat to his 6'8" frame, he could become a real road grater and dominant force. It is a long term investment. The Pats are not in desperate need of a starting tackle right now. They can go with Matt Light and Sebastian Vollmer and let Solder develop for a year or two and potentially become dominant. The trade down with the Saints made my head hurt. The first rounder they got will probably be around the same spot in next year's Draft since the Saints will probably be really good again so the value there was equal. It was first rounder for first rounder. So essentially the second round pick the Pats also landed was for free. They got a free second round pick.