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2011 NFL Draft: New York Jets Set Up Nicely for a Potential Move Up

The many reaches in the first round of the NFL Draft will continue to have an effect on the second day. It could lead teams like the Jets to try and move up. Take a look at the potential pass rushers still available. Akeem Ayers and Brooks Reed are on the board. Will the Jets move up to land one of them? Probably not as jumping from the end of the third round to the start of the second might be too hard.

Ayers and Reed are not the targets, though. Their presence in the second round will cause guys like Jabaal Sheard and Dontay Moch to fall. A team that might have used a pick on the latter two might now go for Ayers or Reed, causing some of the guys from the next tier down to fall. Now they might end up in the range where the Jets could make something work to move up.

It is something to watch as we go forward.