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Last Minute Wish List

We are a little more than 3 hours from the start of the draft. Everyone's football juices are flowing freely. I would just like to throw out a last second wish list of sorts. I won't try to pass myself off as someone who can predict a trade, so I will make my wished based on the picks we have as of right now. Our needs are NT, pass rushing OLBer, 3-4 DE, WR, S, OT. I will name the top prospects that could be left on the board by our pick, that are also, not huge reaches.

Round 1: At pick 30, the top players at the positions above are:  Phil Taylor, NT, Baylor,  Brooks Reed, OLB, Muhammed Wilkerson, DE, Temple, Gabe Carimi, OT, Wisconsin. My Pick: Phil Taylor NT: The most important position in the front 7, to Rex, is the NT. Pouha has filled in admerably for Kris Jenkins, but he is not the huge disruptive force that we need busting up centers. It's my theory that the Jets are one of the teams leaking misinformation about his foot, in hopes that he drops. If he does, I expect the Jets to grab him.

Round 3: At pick 94, the top players at the positions above are: Chris Carter, OLB, Fresno State, Jarvis Jenkins, DE, Clemson, Edmond Gates, WR, Abilene Christian, Tyler Sash, SS, Iowa,  Jah Reid, OT, Central Florida My Pick: Chris Carter OLB: I feel like the majority of the OLBer prospects, have about as much potential as the next guy. No one really sticks out as a guy who is a sure thing to being a premier pass rusher. Chris Carter can come right in, and play well in Rex's crazy schemes.

Round 4: At pick 126, the top players at the positions above are: Lawrence Guy, DE, Arizona State,  Greg Salas, WR, Hawaii,  Joe Lefeged, SS, Rutgers, Lee Ziemba, G/OT, Auburn My Pick: Greg Salas WR: At the end of the off-season, we might be down 2 receivers, and help will be needed. Salas is a solid receiver. He reminds me of Jordy Nelson of the Packers. Having his reliable hands on the field will help Mark Sanchez out a lot.

Round 5: At pick 161, the top players at the positions above are: Brandon Bair, DE, Oregon,  Deunta Williams, FS, North Carolina,  Derek Newton, OT, Arkansas State My Pick: Brandon Bair DE: We need to get younger on the D-line, and that won't happen using free agency. Brandon Bair is a monster of a man at 6'6" 275. He has a frame that can take on another 20 pounds and still be a beast at end. He is a prototypical 5 technique, and would fit right in on our line.

Round 6: At pick 194, the top players at the positions above are: Nate Williams, S, Washington , Darius Morris, G/OT, Temple My Pick: Darius Morris G/OT: The Jets have had success in taking late round O-linemen. Bill Callahan is an amazing coach, and he can bring the best out of everyone he coaches. Darius is another great talent for him to play with that can play both guard and right tackle.

Round 7: At pick 208, the top player at the position left above is: Brian Lainhart, FS, Kent State My Pick: Brian Lainhart: We could resign all of our safeties and be fine. Pool started to play a lot better at the end of the year, and Leonhard will be back. A guy like Lainhart will not only give us some security, but also give us a ball hawk. He is a small school guy, but it doesn't matter what size the school is, a guy that can always be found around the ball will be valuable. His off season hasn't been great, and his stock has fallen a lot, but his game tape won't lie.

My NY Jets Mock Draft:

Round 1: Phil Taylor NT

Round 3: Chris Carter OLB

Round 4: Greg Salas WR

Round 5: Brandon Bair DE

Round 6: Darius Morris G/OT

Round 7: Brian Lainhart FS