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Might the New York Jets Trade Down?

For the second time today, Cimini seems to have a scoop.

The Jets, picking 30th in the first round of Thursday night's NFL Draft, have let it be known in league circles that they're willing to move down, an executive from another team said Wednesday night.

If they are looking at Jabaal Sheard, this would make sense. I would not be as excited by this as some, particularly if they only add a middle or late round pick. Adding an extra pick or two is worth it, though, rather than reach for a player who will likely be available later. If it can keep a franchise quarterback from Buffalo, a division rival, all the better.

It probably depends on how things shake, though. If somebody unexpectedly has a big fall, I am sure the Jets will be very happy to take that guy and leave all of the teams in need of a quarterback out in the cold.