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Cimini's First Round Possibilities

Rich Cimini has a list of guys his sources tell him the Jets are strongly considering in the first round. They include Phil Taylor, Muhammad Wilkerson, Akeem Ayers, Brooks Reed, and the surprising Jabaal Sheard. Sheard had not been a guy getting a lot of buzz at 30. Would the Jets take him? It is possible. Some reports say they were ready to take Vladimir Ducasse in the first round had Kyle Wilson not fallen to them. The best move if they really want Sheard would be to trade down. He figures to be there in the second round.

Taylor would probably be my top choice at 30. Nose tackles are valuable commodities.  Ends, which is what Wilkerson would be, are a bit easier to find. The top need is probably a pass rusher, but Ayers and Reed have significant questions. Sheard feels like a reach.

What do you think the Jets should do?