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Could Da'Quan Bowers Be in Play for the Jets?

It may sound crazy, but hear me out. If you haven't been paying attention, Bowers' stock is plummeting as teams are getting more and more information about his bad knee (he's also not as explosive as his numbers say, but that's another discussion). Some projections have Bowers falling to Tampa Bay at 20.

To trade up to 20th, the Jets would have to give up something like their 1st and a 3rd, plus a future 3rd. Which means once again, the Jets will walk away with only a few draft picks, something we have grown used to in New York. The lack of a 2nd round pick really hurts the Jets chances of moving up so high. Not to mention, Tampa Bay would have to not like Bowers enough to be willing to pass on him, which is unlikely considering the value they could get at their highest position of need.

However, imagine the Jets getting a player who was once projected to go first overall (even though it was a massive over-rating). I have seen crazier things happen in the draft.

Would you want to trade up and snag Bowers, if he is still available?