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GGN Mock Draft, Pick 62, Chicago Bears: Marcus Gilbert, T, Florida

I am picking for the Bears in our mock. Chicago has an offensive line in serious need of a talent upgrade. Jay Cutler is not going to last much longer if he continues to take the pounding he took in 2010. A team is not wise to invest what Chicago has invested in Cutler and provide the quarterback with such hideous protection. They took an interior lineman, Mike Pouncey. Now I am addressing and attempting to upgrade the tackle position by adding Pouncey's linemate, Marcus Gilbert.

The final two teams in our mock are the Super Bowl participants, Pittsburgh and Green Bay. Please make your selections as soon as possible so we can round out this Draft and turn all of our attention on the real thing. It will be interesting to see how our mock compares with the real thing taking place at Radio City Music Hall from Thursday to Saturday.