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Who Will the New York Jets' First Pick Be?

It is prediction time. Who will the Jets pick? I am not going to venture a guess because there are way too many variables. It depends on other teams. It also depends on what information is true and what information teams believe. Baylor tackle Phil Taylor is a great example. Will stories about problems with Taylor's feet scare teams off? Are teams even worried at all about his feet? Some stories suggest the hubbub is fabricated.

My best guess is that the Jets will go with the defensive line. That is where value seems to match need. There are scores of defensive linemen slotted in the late first round. Akeem Ayers and Brooks Reed, two of the most prominent outside linebacker prospects, have bigger question marks and are generally less safe than linemen, whose size and athleticism can be matched with the way the coaches teach technique.

Mike Tannenbaum is the general manager, though, and the possibility of trading up exists. What do you think will happen?

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