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First Round Prospects, Safety: Rahim Moore, UCLA

There seems to be quite a bit of resistance to the thought of taking UCLA safety Rahim Moore. Many GGN'ers have expressed their displeasure because the safety class is so weak. Moore is probably not my first choice, but I would not hate the idea as much as many of you would. Here is why. Think back to last year's safety class. It was considered a very good one. The guys who made it such a good class were not available when the Jets picked, though. If Eric Berry and Earl Thomas were coming out in 2011, it would be considered a great safety Draft. Moore would still likely be the best there when the Jets picked.

I view Moore as a more talented version of Dwight Lowery. He is a big play guy at safety, registering 14 interceptions in his career at UCLA. He had 10 his sophomore year. Teams made greater notice of him after that so his numbers went down. Moore has excellent instincts, ball skills,  and hands. He is adept at played deep zone, rangy enough to man the deep part of the field successfully by himself. He is also quick and athletic enough to potentially do well covering the slot receiver and tight ends in man, which gives a defense that likes to mix coverages more options. Like I said, he's a more athletic version of the big play corner/safety hybrid Dwight Lowery.

Moore is a bit of a shaky tackler. That probably sounds a bit familiar. I think the Jets could live with that, though. They had the top ranked defense in the league two years ago with the ultimate shaky tackler at free safety. A guy like Moore compliments Jim Leonhard, who will be moving back into the starting lineup. Their strengths cover each other's weaknesses.

My preference would be for the Jets to drop back a bit if they want to take Moore because there will probably be better players available at 30. He would be a pretty good fit, though. I might be in the minority, but I would not hate it.