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Inside the War Room

Manish Mehta has made a habit out of producing illuminating features that take the average fan places they have never gone before. His latest success talks about the Jets war room in the Draft. It is a long read that is worth reading.

It highlighted the organization's quality-over-quanity mind-set that has given them a smaller margin for error than rivals such as the Patriots, who routinely stockpile draft choices.

"You try to find the true difference-makers in our sport," Tannenbaum says. "You can find replaceable parts throughout the year, but true difference-makers are tremendous nuggets. If you have that opportunity, go get one."

The article addresses philosophy, process, and the luck that plays into things such as a stunning admission of how slapdash the selection of Matt Slauson was two years ago. Now Slauson is developing into a solid starter at guard. Be sure to give this some of your time. In a profession where there is a lot of lazy groupthink, Manish Mehta is establishing himself as one of the best because of articles like this.