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First Round Prospects, Outside Linebacker: Brooks Reed, Arizona

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The Jets are in the market to improve their outside linebacker play. One name that has generated a lot of buzz recently is Brooks Reed, who played defensive end in college. Reed has been flying up Draft boards since the college season ended.He also has long blonde hair that makes him look like Clay Matthews.

One thing Reed has is a very quick first step. In fact, he had a faster 10 yard split in the Combine's 40 yard dash than Von Miller, Dontay Moch, and even A.J. Green. Reed is also an extremely intelligent football player with good instincts and recognition. He is constantly in the right place. That would be a good thing in the Jets' defense.

What issues are there with Reed? I see plenty. While he does have a very good first step, his pass rushing repertoire is limited. He does not have many moves. He also needs to get stronger to perform better at the point of attack. Along with many conversion candidates from defensive end, he needs to learn how to play in space and drop into coverage.

I am always leery of guys whose stock flies after they stop playing in games. Reed is a good example of this. He has that great first step, but his performance in shorts really helped him move up. I view him similarly to the way I view Dontay Moch. A guy with his athletic ability would be an enticing gamble as a developmental guy in the third or fourth round. I am significantly less enthused by the idea of taking him in the first round.