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A Unique Draft, Part 2: No Trading Players

An obvious implication of the lockout is the inability teams have to trade players. While they can still trade picks, this will limit what teams can do. Remember the blockbuster the Jets pulled two years ago to land Mark Sanchez. They threw in the likes of Kenyon Coleman and Abram Elam to sweeten the pot. Without being able to move those players, they would have had to part with other picks to land Sanchez and not had the ammo to grab players like Shonn Greene, Braylon Edwards, or Santonio Holmes later on. It makes trades more difficult to pull off. Would Mike Tannenbaum look as desperately for a non quarterback? Maybe not, but there could be guys he likes enough that an expendable player might make the difference in a trade.

On top of this, the ban on trading players will make it difficult for teams to sell guys they are ready to cut the cord with. Unlike a year ago with Kerry Rhodes, nobody immediately comes to mind on the Jets. Had the Jets been forced to hold Rhodes through the Draft, they might not have gotten as good of a return since picks in Drafts further off tend to not be viewed with as much value.

All of this makes this year's Draft a bit more difficult to navigate.