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Is Kenrick Ellis Worth Moving Back into Round Two?

Without a second pick, the Jets hand are tied when it comes to finding good value in this draft in round two, at least without paying a premium to move up. However, a player like Kenrick Ellis may be worth moving up for.

If you know anything about Phil Taylor, the nose tackle from Baylor, then Ellis may be an intriguing substitute. Hampton is anything but a large school, and Ellis stood out in the Division I-AA school. He was a man among boys, not only with his overpowering size, but his ability to move in such a frame is impressive.

He is not going to wow you with sack numbers, but that is not what a NT does. Ellis is a three down player, which is something the Jets have lacked for a long time out of the NT position. He is also very versatile - not only can he stuff running lanes, but he can generate a fericous pass rush from the three-technique.

Overall, I really like Ellis as a prospect. I don't expect him to fall into the third - his potential and the position he plays will have him off he board in the mid to late second. There is a red flag in that he was dismissed from South Carolina for "multiple rules violations", but history shows that the Jets are not afraid to look past off-the-field issues.