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Mike Tannenbaum Talks Draft Strategy (And Says Little)

As tends to happen this time of the year, Mike Tannenbaum sounds a lot like Bill Belichick talking about his Draft philosophy.

"We’ll take the 30th-best player," Tannenbaum said Thursday, "whoever that is."

That’s the usual boring draft-speak most general managers use at this time of year, but it might actually be true this time. Part of the reason is the fact the Jets — like every other NFL team — have little clue what holes their roster will have once the lockout ends, if it does.

"They’re telling us we’re going to draft now, so we’re prepared for that," Tannenbaum said. "When there’s veteran free agency, we’ll be prepared. When we can trade players, we’ll be prepared. This is the next step of what I would say is an opportunity to improve the team.

There is no reason for Mike to tip his hand, but one cannot help but wonder whether the Jets really will change their philosophy. There are a number of areas this could come into play. Since there was no free agency to fill holes, the Jets and other teams might pick more on need than they otherwise might. Then again, perhaps it will go the other way. Maybe teams will think they will have free agency ahead of them for once and go less on need. It is a matter of individual strategy and preference.