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Cimini: Taylor, Ayers, Reed are in Play for Jets

Rich Cimini of ESPN New York had an interesting nugget of information yesterday, listing a number of players the Jets may draft 30th overall.

he names I'm hearing for the Jets at No. 30 are Taylor, UCLA OLB Akeem Ayers and Arizona OLB Brooks Reed. There's always the possibility of a player unexpectedly tumbling to 30, like Temple DE Muhammad Wilkerson

As some of you many know, I am not a huge Brooks Reed guy, but Ayers and Phil Taylor are among my favorites. I think Ayers has a lot more potential than given credit for, and is a better overall football player than a lot of other prospects. Getting Taloyr, on the other hand, would fill a spot on the field that is one of the hardest to fill.

Reed is more of a gamble than the other two in my opinion. Wilkerson is more of a project, but he has a ton of potential, and I don't see him getting past San Diego.

Who would you want the Jets to take out of these players?