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Cimini's Draft Buzz

Say what you will about Rich Cimini. He does have good sources around the team. He provides information on where the Jets are thinking of going in the first round.

The names I'm hearing for the Jets at No. 30 are Taylor, UCLA OLB Akeem Ayers and Arizona OLB Brooks Reed. There's always the possibility of a player unexpectedly tumbling to 30, like Temple DE Muhammad Wilkerson. In fact, Sports Illustrated's Peter King has the Jets taking Wilkerson in his mock draft, saying that Rex Ryan envisions Wilkerson as a Haloti Ngata-type player in terms of versatility on the defensive line. If Ryan could get a Ngata-esque player -- remember, he coached him in Baltimore -- he'd sign up in a nanosecond.

This is all premature conjecture. I am sure nobody in Florham Park was talking much about Kyle Wilson last year because it seemed unlikely the corner would fall to the Jets. Just one pick can set off a chain reaction that can change the Draft. Last year that chain reaction that had Wilson end up in green and white started with Cleveland, a team reportedly considering taking Wilson over Joe Haden. They did not do so, and Wilson became a Jet.

Cimini has also been pushing Wilkerson hard. There might be something to this thought.