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Keep an Eye on Michael Floyd's Status

University of Notre Dame wide receiver Michael Floyd was arrested in March on suspicion of drunk driving charges. He was suspended from the team at the time. A final decision on his status is pending.

Coach Brian Kelly said after a Friday spring practice that a decision on Floyd's status at the university could come quickly after a hearing with the school's disciplinary arm, the Office of Residence Life. Kelly's understanding is that hearing was scheduled for this week.

Why is this significant? Floyd was considered first to second round talent by many had he come out for the Draft this year. If he is in for a long suspension or even dismissed from the team, the possibility exists for him to enter the NFL Supplemental Draft. That event takes place after the regular Draft for players who did not file for it but are eligible to enter the NFL. Teams are not required to make a pick. Any team that does forfeits its pick in that round of the next year's regular Draft. For example, a team that used a second round pick on Floyd in the Supplemental Draft would lose its second rounder in the 2012 NFL Draft.

Floyd would be very likely to be selected in the Supplemental Draft so this bears watching.