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The Jets 2011-2012 Regular Season Schedule Dissected

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Even though we are right in the middle of an apocalyptic NFL lockout, there is still some football news. The 2011-2012 regular season schedules came out today, and what else is there to do, but go over each game, and make some predictions of some kind. I am usually very superstitious about predicting things during football season, but seeing as we are still in April, the bad karma will wear off come September.

Bold = Home game

Week 1:

Cowboys Vs. Jets --  September 11th

The Jets have the honor of kicking off Sunday Night Football against the Dallas Cowboys. Tony Romo will be back after his season ending injury, to play for a new coach. That won't be a headline though. The Jets start off the season after a wild free agency, that can only be described as beautiful madness. That won't be a headline either. What will be a headline though is the fact that the leagues two favorite brothers will be facing off once again. Rex hates losing to his brother more than maybe the Pats. For this reason, I see us pulling out all the stops to put down the Cowboys in our home opener. Jets 17 Cowboys 10 Jets 1-0

Week 2:

Jaguars Vs. Jets -- September 18th

After defensive battle for our home opener, the Jaguars come into town. No matter how good our defense is, we for some reason, can't stop MJD. With MJD eating our defense alive, the Jaguars are able to find holes in our secondary. Our offense should be able to move the ball, but we might be playing catch up. Big 4th quarter comebacks may have been our MO in 2010, but I would be hard-pressed to say it will be again. Jets 17 Jaguars 24 Jets 1-1

Week 3:

Jets Vs. Raiders -- September 25th

After a hard fought loss to the Jaguars, the Jets are looking for a bounce back game against the Raiders. All three fazes of the Jets come to play today, and smother the Raiders from the opening kickoff. In 2010, the Raiders looked like they were finally heading in the right direction, so what do they do? They fire their coach. With the limited off-season work, the Raiders look more like the 09 Raiders. Jets 31 Raiders 10 Jets 2-1

Week 4:

Jets Vs. Ravens -- October 2nd

Last year we opened up the season to defensive battle. Our offense was nonexistent. We couldn't even manage to score a single TD. As a result, we were manhandled. This time around, Rex will be  looking for revenge against his former team. Sanchez is able to dig deep and find some offense. It will be a low scoring game, and the very little Sanchez does accomplish will be all we need. Jets 12 Ravens 10 Jets 3-1

Week 5:

Jets Vs. Patriots -- October 9th

Beating the Patriots in the playoffs, was one of the sweetest games of my life. For the Patriots and their fans, I figure it was one of the worst (next to maybe the loss to the Giants in the Super Bowl) Beating the Pats on their turf is never an easy task, and they will be looking for revenge. We show up to play, but sometimes no matter how well you play, you still lose. A win just isn't in our cards for week 5. Jets 14 Patriots 27 Jets 3-2

Week 6:

Dolphins Vs. Jets -- October 17th

After a 3 game road trip, it would be nice to come back home to the Bills, but nope! We have Miami coming to town. The bright side to this is that we have Miami at home early in the season. No one wants to go to Miami at the start of the season. That's a death wish for most cold weather teams. After going down to the Pats, we can't afford to go 0-2 in the division. The Jets don't disappoint... We come out firing on all cylinders. Jets 27 Dolphins 20 Jets 4-2

Week 7:

Chargers Vs. Jets -- October 23rd

In 2010, the Chargers were really good at home. In week 7, the Chargers will be out of their comfort zone, and in NJ. It will be starting to get chilly out in late October, so the guys in the trenches will be playing more of a roll in this game. Revis will shut down Vincent Jackson, Phil will have to look elsewhere for yards. The lack of an efficient running game will hinder the Chargers' chances of winning this game. Jets 23 Chargers 13 Jets 5-2

Week 8: BYE

Week 9:

Jets Vs. Bills -- November 6th

The Jets have had a history of coming out flat-footed after a bye. We work better without any days off. This is why it is nice to see the Bills after a well timed week 8 bye. Unless the heavens open up, and grant the Bills a miracle, I don't see them being much of a threat to us. We should roll right over the bills here, giving us a 2-1 division record.                  Jets 28 Bills 10 Jets 6-2

Week 10:

Patriots Vs. Jets -- November 13th

After a disappointing loss to the Pats in week 5, the Jets want some of their own revenge. We don't like being beaten twice in a season, and Rex will get his guys fired up for a war. Billy Boy will be telling his guys not to satisfied with one win against us, but it won't be enough. Unfortunately, for the Bean Town Bullies, we won't be falling a second time. We win one for the home crowd. Jets 20 Patriots 14 Jets 7-2

Week 11:

Jets Vs. Broncos -- November 17th

Coming off an emotional win against the Pats, the Jets head to Denver on a short week. The thin Denver air is a drag even on a normal week. I don't see the Jets coming in after 4 days, and playing at the level they did at home against the Pats. The Jets will be gasping for air in this game, and will be falling just short of a win over at Mile High Stadium. Jets 15 Broncos 17 Jets 7-3

Week 12:

Bills Vs. Jets -- November 27th

Once again the Jets are coming off a little bit of a break. As mentioned above, after byes or long breaks, the Jets usually come out slow. The schedule Gods must really like the Jets, because who do we have after this break? None other than the Bills. Much like the 1st game against the Bills, the Jets don't disappoint. The Bills put up a valiant effort, but once again lose. Jets 24 Bills 17 Jets 8-3

Week 13:

Jets Vs. Redskins -- December 4th

Who's going to be the Redskins QB this year. No matter who it is, they won't have enough weapons to make much of a dent in our defense. Mark Sanchez has a big game, and brings the Jets a game or two away from securing a playoff spot for the 3rd straight year. Jets 17 Redskins 7 Jets 9-3

Week 14:

Chiefs Vs. Jets -- December 11th

No one should look at this game as a gimme game. The Chiefs started something last year, and I for one don't think it was a one time thing. The Chiefs might be the new kings of the West. If Matt Cassel ever comes around, the Chiefs will be right back where they were last year. The playoffs. On this cold December day, these two teams battle it out for a chance to get back to the promised land. In the end, the Jets come out victorious in a nail biter.                                  Jets 21 Chiefs 20    Jets 10-3

Week 15:

Jets Vs. Eagles -- December 18th

The Jets possibly just clinched a playoff birth against the Chiefs, and any game after this will probably just be for momentum. The Jets usually don't do too well against mobile QBs. There is no QB more mobile than Mr. Mike Vick. Revis will have his hands full with Action Jackson, but the rest of the team will need to focus on not letting Vick run all over them. It's going to be a tough away game for us, and I think we fall short. Jets 17 Eagles 27 Jets 10- 4

Week 16:

Giants Vs. Jets -- December 24th

This is a game people in the New York Metropolitan Area, have been waiting for a long time. The Jets and Giants will finally be playing a game that actually matters, and bragging rights for the city will be up for grabs. The NFC East is a tough division, and the Giants will be in the thick of things. A win for them could be the difference between being in the playoffs, or not. For the Jets, this game puts the Jets on top of NY. Jets 21 Giants 16 Jets 11-4

Week 17:

Jets Vs. Dolphins -- January 1st

The Pfins are going to have a tough time getting by both the Jets and the Pats. They could be vying for the last Wild Card spot, and will be playing like mad men. No matter what the circumstances, these two teams will be wanting to knock each other out. We might be sitting players out here, and going against a playoff hopeful teammight be too much for us. Jets 17 Dolphins 20 Jets 11-5

All in all, an 11-5 season isn't bad at all. I hope this prediction comes to fruition, or one better than this. Another playoff births is very achievable, and within our grasp. All we need to do is reach out and grab it.

PS. I would like to give a birthday shout out to our fearless leader John. Happy Birthday bro!