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Who You Should Look For In The 3rd Round: Edmund Gates, Abilene Christian

If you watched The Combine, then you know the name Edmond Gates. The guys blew the roof off of Lucas Oil Stadium. Green and Jones did amazing also, but they were expected to. Gates came out of nowhere, and made sure he won't going anywhere past the 3rd round. It would be irresponsible to base a 3rd round rank, on a small school guy, based only on Combine numbers, so me and probably every team's scouts went back to the game tape.

Gates' speed in unquestionable. His burst from a standing position resembles most cars. If you do a search for a video of him, there is one play that will be on every highlight films. It was a bubble screen, where as soon as he got the ball, he was off to the races. He didn't even need any blocks to get into the end zone. He was so fast, that most of the defenders didn't have enough time to react. The ones that did, who also took good angles, were left in the dust.

Gates is the definition of a big play threat. When free agency eventually comes around, the Jets might come to the conclusion that resigning Santonio Holmes isn't in their best interest. We will be in the market for a new big play threat for Mark Sanchez to play with. Gates could be this guy. At 6'0" Edmund has decent size, and pretty good hands. His 40 time at The Combine was 4.30, and a 1.53 10 yard split. That backs up his game tap, showing his burst. Gates was one of the names mentioned on the list of out of town prospects, coming in for the Jets to get a better look at.

Edmond Gates - Abilene Christian University - Part 1 (via tctv22)