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GGN Mock Draft, Round 2, Pick 21, Indianapolis Colts: Orlando Franklin, T/G, Miami (FL)

The Colts are up. I am making their pick. I select Orlando Franklin, an offensive line prospect from the Miami Hurricanes. Once again, I am adding an offensive lineman for the Colts, a team in sore need of help in that area. I did not like any of the defensive tackles in terms of value at this spot, although it is a perennial need in Indy. I also did not go with a running back. The Colts have been inconsistent running the ball the past few years, but I think that is as much a function of the poor offensive line play the team has seen. Franklin is a physical guy. I think his best fit is at guard.

On top of this, I think addressing the offensive line in the first two rounds is significant because it gives Peyton Manning help. What Manning has done with little help recently is amazing. Just think of what he can do if he starts getting decent protection.