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Antonio Cromartie Joins CAA Sports Team

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New York Jets CB Antonio Cromartie, you know, the guy that locks down the side of the field opposite Darrelle Revis, recently found new representation.

The 27-year-old defensive back had a decision to make after his previous agent, Gary Wichard, passed away from pancreatic cancer. 

He chose CAA Sports and superstar agents Tom Condon and Ben Dogra -- according to reports from the New York Daily News.

I find this to be important because Cromartie is likely going to be an unrestricted free agent this offseason if a new collective bargaining agreement is reached (whenever that should happen). He was previously tendered at $3.5M back in February, but now will probably be navigating the waters of free agency. Cromartie has said he wants to return to the Jets next season, so hopefully he will stick to that.

The big-play cornerback came up big last season when Revis was ailing from a hamstring injury -- shutting down Randy Moss twice in the first half of the season. 

Still, CAA is one of the most renowned sports agencies in the country. Let's hope that Cromartie's heart keeps him here in New York -- and that we don't see a "pay the man" effect as a result.