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Potential Trade Up Target: Anthony Castonzo, T, Boston College

Anthony Castonzo was a four year starter at tackle at Boston College. Weighing around 250 pounds his freshman year, he served as right tackle on a team led by Matt Ryan that rose to as high as second in the nation. He shifted over to the left side a year later. He was First Team All ACC his junior year.

Castonzo played some tight end in high school. As one might imagine, this indicates he is very nimble and athletic off the line. He has shown an ability to handle speed rushers. He played in both a zone blocking scheme and a man scheme at BC and had success in both. He also is technically refined.

Castonzo is filling out his body still. While he gained over 50 pounds in 4 years at BC, he still could afford to add more bulk to his 6'7" frame. He is currently in the 300 to 310 pound range. He also needs to hit the weight room and add some more strength. As he grows, he should be able to control the point of attack better. His lack of strength means his run blocking is still a work in progress.

The Jets love to pound the ball to the right side. Costanzo will probably become more of a mauler as he adds more beef to his frame. He is unlike a lot of prospects at this spot ready to start from day one. He will improve as the years go along. For the time being, he has the necessary athleticism and solid technical game to make him effective right off the bat. If he falls into the 20's, the Jets might get on the phone if they are interested in a tackle.