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GGN Mock Draft, Round 2, Pick 18, Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Danny Watkins, G, Baylor

The Bucs missed their pick so I am going for them. They got Cameron Heyward in the first round. I am adding the guard from Baylor to fill a need. Davin Joseph is coming off a serious injury and potentially a free agent. Their starter at the other guard slot was a rookie picked up from New England's scrap heap. Watkins is an athletic prospect who can help out Josh Freeman and LaGarrette Blount to help keep the Bucs on an upward trajectory. I would have liked to have added a second defensive end to improve a pass rush in need of a big one, but I do not like the value in this slot.

The Giants are now on the clock. Tomorrow the Indianapolis Colts and the Philadelphia Eagles are due to make their second round picks. Please drop me a line to tell me if you are going to have to miss your assigned slot along with a list of prospects you will want to pick if you cannot make it..