Big News on a BIG Player

On another Jets website, a poster posted a quote from the following ESPN blog regarding Phil Taylor. For information, look after the jump.

For weeks, the Jets have been linked in pre-draft speculation to mammoth Baylor NT Phil Taylor, but now comes word that Taylor has a foot condition that may cause him to drop.

Taylor's MRI exams at the scouting combine reveal that he has bones growing together in both feet, according to a report by Rob Rang of The condition, according to the report, is inoperable. Taylor can play, but it's a pain-tolerance issue. Because of his size (334 pounds), this has to be a concern.

Taylor played 44 games in college, including 13 starts last season for Baylor, so it obviously wasn't a debilitating injury.

The Jets have been known to take chances on players with pre-existing conditions. In 2003, they used the fourth overall pick on DT Dewayne Robertson, who had a degenerative condition (no cartilage) in one knee. He never missed any games for the Jets, but he never became the player they envisioned. In 2004, the Jets chose LB Jonathan Vilma 12th overall even though he had a degenerative bone condition in one knee -- ultimately requiring surgery in 2005. He was traded to the Saints and has become a top linebacker.

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