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Gary Myers Discusses How Lack of Trading Players Will Impact Draft

Gary Myers makes a very good point today about how this year's Draft will be different when teams try and trade up or down.

In a lockout, the Jets would have been forced to restructure their trade with Cleveland in the 2009 draft to get Mark Sanchez. The Jets moved up from the 17th pick to the first pick by trading their first- and second-round picks and Kenyon Coleman, Brett Ratliff and Abram Elam, expendable players Eric Mangini wanted to bring with him from the Jets to the Browns. The Jets would have needed to substitute picks for the players, making it more difficult to get a deal done.

I think there are many points during the Draft where we all yell for our team to trade up or trade down. It feels like everybody wants their team to trade down and get more picks. It is easier said than done, though. There has to be a team willing to make a move on a particular player. Trading is going to be even more difficult than usual this year.