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New York Jets Work Out Andy Dalton

The Jets worked out TCU quarterback Andy Dalton yesterday.

Despite being set at quarterback for now and the future with Mark Sanchez, the Jets Friday had a private, on-campus workout with TCU quarterback Andy Dalton, according to online reports.

The Jets always like to do their homework on guys, but this does not make a tremendous amount of sense to me. Dalton's stock is rising. He is likely to go in the second round, where the Jets do not have a pick. The team is presumably happy with Sanchez as its starter. Even if he fell to the end of the third round, that is probably too early to take a backup quarterback. That is a spot to find a guy who could help full time. It would be another thing to find a guy late to try and develop, but Dalton is very unlikely to fall far. Their time could be better spent scouting a more likely pick.

I guess it could be a smokescreen to try and get a division rival like Buffalo or Miami to give up picks and move ahead of the Jets at 30, but if I could figure this out, one could only imagine those teams will as well.

Then again, having two good quarterbacks is a luxury. This past year, Gang Green was one hit away from having Mark Brunell start critical games.